IT Services for Business - On Demand

On Demand Support Services give you affordable access to a responsive, professional and complete IT department, when you need it.

On Demand Support Services are designed to address the needs of clients that want a responsive, professional, and reliable IT support resource available to them when the need arises, but don't necessarily need or want ongoing management services. On Demand Services are priced on a per incident or hourly basis.

If you just require occasional assistance, help with a one-off problem, or you just want to give us a try without making a long term commitment, then our small business IT support services are your best option. We will assist you with whatever your needs are and only bill on a time-used basis.

Onsite IT Support

Of course we can come to you; this is the most convenient option for many clients, and so we offer small business IT support on-site throughout the Central West region . We bill by the hour for onsite attendance, and per 15 minutes for telephone support.

Your Business IT Partner

Many of our clients with some in-house expertise choose to engage our IT assistance services on an ad-hoc basis, in order to assist with 'big picture' issues, strategic planning & budgeting, project design and scoping, hardware refreshes and rollouts, or perhaps just for a second opinion. We frequently work with other third-party hardware and software vendors to get the job done, so if you need a team oriented approach or even a dedicated Project Manager, JACJ Services can help.

To find out more about our general IT maintenance services and what we can do for you, please contact us today. We will happily discuss your needs with you to determine the best solution.

JACJ Services  team consists of a complete IT department that is at your disposal with just a phone call or email.