IT Services for Business - Network Management

Networking is the vital infrastructure that binds your IT system together. Most office networks consist of Routers to connect to the Internet and other offices by VPN, Switches and Hubs to interconnect the computers by Ethernet (blue cables), Wireless Access Points to support Mobile users, Laptops, PDAs and Smartphones, Network printers, copiers and scanners, and much more.

Although networking is often considered as set-and-forget, if your networking infrastructure is poorly designed, short on capacity or just very old, your IT may be suffering, you may be exposing your business to security threats or even allowing unknown strangers to get "free WiFi internet" at your expense!

JACJ Services  designs and manages all aspects of your network, including all the hardware, network layer design, VPN's, IP addresses, Mobile and wireless devices and security.

Network Management solution provides premium support for your entire network. This is done while managing the advancement of your technology as it relates to your business goals and objectives.

Network Management

Defend against hackers, viruses, & spyware + ensure productivity manage routers switches and Firewalls

Network Management Plans Can Include:
  • ISP Management
  • 3rd Party Vendor Management
  • Router Management
  • Anti-Virus Management
  • Firewall Management
  • VPN Management



Routers are designed to connect an office to the Internet, as well as to other offices via VPN links. Routers can range from a $100 domestic ADSL unit from Netgear, D-Link, Linksys and other vendors, up to $2,000+ units from Cisco, SonicWall, Juniper and others. We will manage your router configuration and keep configuration backups in case of hardware failure.

Switches and Hubs

LAN Switches are found in most offices; they generally provide the interconnections between PC's via the 'blue cables', but can also serve other purposes. Selecting the right switch means allowing for enough 'ports', as well as the correct speeds and connections for other devices such as network printers, servers, NAS devices and routers.

A slow switch can limit the speed of your network; for example certain well known accounting, payroll, medical and tax agent software will perform much faster if you have a Gigabit standard switch and capable PC's. If your network software is operating slowly, ask us how we can speed it up dramatically by upgrading your switch.

Wireless / WiFi

Wireless access is becoming a mandatory requirement at any business, to support the use of Laptops, PDA's, Smart Phones, Tablets and so on. Even many printers are now wireless capable.

Ask us to design or review your wireless solution, assess and secure your systems against intruders and "free WiFi" hunters, optimise performance and coverage, and maintain a secure, robust and reliable system.

Even if you have tried WiFi in the past and been disappointed, let MyTech Solutions show you how to take advantage of the recent improvements in wireless technologies e.g. WPA2 encryption security, 802.11n performance, secure 'guest' services, and more.

WAN / Inter-Office, Mobile, Remote Desktop and VPN

JACJ Services  are experts at networking outside the office. We support networks between multiple sites as well as mobile and work-from-home users. We are experienced at configuring site to site VPN links, secure remote access solutions for your staff as well as work-from-home solutions such as windows Remote Desktop (Terminal Server).

Contact JACJ to ask about the many options to support your growing business and your mobile workforce.